Bachelor of Engineering Program in Biomedical Engineering
KMITL Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology Management is the first of its kind in the country providing an intensive 4 years International Program by combining the classical Biomedical Engineering disciplines with Healthcare technology management.
The latter provides students with very unique skills set to manage state of the art medical devices and systems. Students also gain broad exposure to KMITL’s excellent offering in social science and humanities.
The overall program is designed to
1. Prepare our students for lives of skilled and ethical service to their communities by creating a free and open learning environment that faster their intellectual growth.
2. Advance the frontiers of scientific inquiry
3. Contribute with distinction to the international community of Biomedical Engineers.
Career Opportunities:
1. Biomedical Engineering in Hospital
2. Biomedical Engineering Specialist
3. Sales Engineer
4. Architectural and Engineering Manager
5. Startup Biomedical companies
6. Electronics Engineering